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Friday, November 19, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

Supercut of the Day: And now, for no particular reason besides the fact that someone went through the trouble of putting this massive clip collage together, I present to you “250 Introductions of 185 People, Groups, & Things” in movies.
And just like that, you’re down 10 minutes.

via The Daily What


  1. That was awesome. I watched the whole thing.

  2. This clip is awesome. So many good characters. What a great video for you to stumble upon!!

    Thanks for sharing it!!

  3. Great thing to show someone who doesn't watch much TV or movies.

  4. Someone:

    a) has too much time on their hands
    b) watches too many movies

    I did enjoy the video, remember watching many of the movies shown in the clip.

  5. heheh that fatty guy is very funny

  6. Lol why would anyone in their right mind waste their time compiling so much content when easily one of the major movie companies could just cry copyright and have it down within seconds?